Continuing Education and Public Service

The Division of Continuing Education and Public Service exists to meet the lifelong learning needs of the citizens of the region and, in cooperation with other areas of the campus, to represent the College in responding to community needs. The division supports the educational, economic and cultural development of persons of all ages by offering noncredit courses, programs and other learning opportunities. It is committed to the educational and economic development of the region. Services of the division include:

  • Providing learning opportunities for all interested persons in the region through programs and services designed to foster intellectual, occupational, cultural and/or recreational development.
  • Responding to the needs of regional business and industry with professional development and training courses and programs both open to the community and on a contract basis.
  • Assisting regional economic development efforts.
  • Representing Bainbridge State College in community activities.
  • Supporting senior institutions in bringing upper level and graduate degree programs and/or other courses to the Bainbridge State College campus.