All Programs of Study (alphabetically listed)

At Bainbridge State, we offer the widest range of programs available in the University System of Georgia:

Associate of Arts Degree (AA) This degree (which allows you to choose an area of concentration) will transfer toward a four-year (bachelor's) degree. In addition, if you complete any core curriculum course, you receive full credit for that course upon transfer to another USG institution within the same major or concentration. This transferability is guaranteed by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.  

An Honors Program is available for outstanding AA students.

We also have 2 + 2 partnerships with certain institutions so that you can complete your AA with us and then your bachelor's degree with that institution--either on our campus or online.

Associate of Science Degree in Nursing (AS): Choose from the Generic Option or the Advanced Placement Option (for LPNs).

Associate of Applied Science Degrees (AAS): These career degrees comprise both transfer and non-transfer classes.

Diplomas: Diplomas are designed to move you quickly into the workforce.

Technical Certificates of Credit (TCC): These programs provide you with certification for specialized areas of work.

In addition to our credit programs, you can also earn your GED at Bainbridge State or take courses through our Continuing Education Department.

Bainbridge State College Programs of Study