Students who plan to graduate from Bainbridge State College MUST apply for graduation by the midterm date of their last semester of attendance to ensure that the graduation date for that term is posted to the student's academic transcript. Students who submit applications for graduation after the midterm date will show a graduation date of the term in which their application was submitted prior to the midterm deadline. An applicant for a degree or certificate must complete the prescribed curriculum for that degree or certificate and is expected to attend the annual graduation ceremony held after Spring Semester. The diploma of a candidate for a degree shall bear the date of the annual commencement at which the degree is awarded. Students desiring permission to receive their degree in absentia must apply in writing to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and state the circumstances that prevent their attending the graduation ceremony.

The requirements for graduation are the following:

  1. A student must earn a graduation grade point average of at least 2.0 at Bainbridge State College. The graduation average is calculated on all courses taken at Bainbridge State College that are used to meet the requirements for graduation for an identified program of study. When calculating graduation grade point average for repeated courses, the Office of the Registrar will count the highest grade. If students have transfer courses from other institutions that are used to meet graduation requirements, the combined cumulative grade point average of the transfer courses and the BSC courses used toward graduation must equal at least a 2.0 in addition to the 2.0 requirement for courses taken at Bainbridge State College.
  2. Georgia State Law, Section 20-3-68, states that each graduate of a Georgia college or university must demonstrate competency in the areas of the United States and Georgia constitutions and in United States and Georgia history. At Bainbridge State College, students meet this requirement by successfully completing POLS 1101 AND either HIST 2111 or HIST 2112. Students entering from colleges outside of Georgia who have earned transfer credit in POLS 1101 and either HIST 2111 or HIST 2112 still must meet the Georgia constitution and history requirements. To meet the Georgia constitution requirement, the transfer student must complete successfully SEMR 2500, Georgia Constitution and Government. To meet the Georgia history requirement, the transfer student must see the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences to arrange for tutoring sessions and to schedule a Georgia history examination. Once the seminar and test have been passed, the Registrar will post to the student's record the completion of the U.S. and Georgia History requirement. For further information, students should contact the Office of the Registrar or the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.
  3. A minimum of 25 percent of the credit hours required for a degree must be earned at Bainbridge State.
  4. Students must meet all financial obligations to the College before graduation, or the diploma and transcript will be withheld.