Student Success and Retention

Advising Mission Statement:

The Office of Student Success and Retention offers the resources and guidance necessary to help Bainbridge State College students achieve their academic and personal goals. Faculty and professional academic advisors provide students with pertinent knowledge and skills to facilitate informed, completion-focused educational planning. Bainbridge State College academic advisors are continuously trained in advising methodology and curriculum through various forms of professional development. In addition, students are extended many opportunities to engage others at the institution and within the community in order to develop a holistically improved self. Our academic advisors support students with their academic and developmental goals as they seek the best possible education at Bainbridge State College.

Core Values

Fostering students' academic experience and holistic development

  • Supporting student academic success
  • Encouraging students to make informed and appropriate academic choices
  • Identifying student risk factors and addressing them through appropriate mentoring
  • Providing career counseling and job placement services
  • · Promoting self-awareness, self-respect, and self-reflection in the pursuit of heightened academic engagement

Upholding advising as a profession

  • Fostering respect for academic and faculty advisors and the profession
  • Demonstrating professionalism to students and colleagues
  • Viewing advising as a career choice
  • Expecting continuous improvement and accountability through professional development and performance review
  • Promoting collaboration and outreach with all campus groups
  • Maintaining the academic integrity of the College

Delivering effective advising

  • Ensuring honesty and accuracy
  • Delivering consistent and timely advice
  • Establishing trust and reliability through relationship building
  • Identifying student needs and addressing them realistically
  • Respecting, caring for, and supporting students as they progress
  • Appreciating the diversity and uniqueness of our students